Saturday, February 23, 2013

Death Switch Emails Loved Ones After Death

Share Light #26 is Death Switch Emails Loved Ones After Death.

Death Switch is a service that sends a personal email message to chosen recipients after one's death.  You create the message (s) and set it up to go out upon your death. How do they know you have died? They contact you via email at intervals you select and if you don't respond to repeated attempts to reach you they assume you are dead.

Some of the uses for Death Switch include, sending computer passwords, financial/bank information, final wishes, revealing secrets, love notes, goodbyes, testimony of what was most important in one's life, funeral instructions.

Here is a sample of the reminder email where Death Switch checks if the account owner is alive.

Dear Sandor,

This email has been sent to you by, a death notification service. Please click here to demonstrate that you are still alive.

As determined by the settings you have chosen, you must respond to this request for activity within 3 days or else you will trigger the next cascade of prompting emails. After 9 more prompt attempts over the next 30 days, we will assume you are no longer alive and will send your post-mortem messages to your 2 designated recipients. As always, you may change the frequency settings, update your account and view or change your post-mortem messages here.

If you have received this message in error please notify Deathswitch immediately.

The management at

If no response is made to the reminder check, then it triggers the Death Switch email to go to chosen recepients. Here is a sample of a letter that would then go to the account owners recepients 

Dear Sarah,

This email has been sent to you by, a death notification service.
You have been designated by Sandor Kline to receive the following message if he did not respond to several computerized prompts to prove he was alive over a period of time.

Dear Sarah,

It appears I have now passed from the living. Do you remember the encrypted CD that I gave to you in 2005? The password to open it is UW9JCV31. Please follow the instructions on it carefully. You know how strong my love was for you in my lifetime; it will be no less now, i imagine. And if I can find a way to communicate with you from where I am now, you know I will.

All my love for eternity,


SAMPLE letters were found on the Death Switch Website. For more information on this social service that activates after ones' death visit

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