Thursday, July 12, 2012

YouTube Allows Direct Links to Support Causes

Share Light #19 is YouTube Allows Direct Links to Support Causes.

YouTube announced on July 11, 2012 that they are going to permit people who create videos on their site to link directly to some fundraising or petition sites. This has the potential to generate revenue for charities by allowing people an immediate conduit to support causes whose awareness videos have impacted them. 

The giving sites for causes that can be linked from a YouTube video include:

Derek Lieu at talked to a YouTube spokeswoman about this development.
Jessica Mason, a YouTube spokeswoman, said the company decided it was important to give nonprofits and their supporters the opportunity to have more ways to raise money and awareness through videos that are posted on the site. “The idea is to take platforms that are already using the power of crowds and make it easy for any YouTuber to support a project,” Ms. Mason says (Source).
For more information on this helpful change at YouTube read Derek Lieu's article at

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