Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stranger Helps Mom Discover Baby's Rare Condition

Share Light #18 is Stranger Helps Mom Discover Baby's Rare Condition. 

Strangers looking at our Facebook profile photos can stir up privacy concerns, but in this case of Share Light a stranger helped a very sick baby. Charlotte Dent discovered that her son has a rare condition when a stranger saw her profile picture on Facebook, where she is holding her baby George. Here are the facts in the situation as told by Fox News in May, 2012. 
Charlotte Dent, 22, from Liverpool, discovered six-month-old George had trigonocephaly -- which without an operation can lead to blindness, severe learning difficulties and even death, the Liverpool Echo reported. Doctors failed to spot the condition, and it was only after a woman whose son also suffers from it saw Dent's profile picture on Facebook that George was diagnosed (Source).
After learning this on Facebook, medical professionals confirmed to Charlotte Dent that her son had trigonocephaly. Trigonocephaly is a condition where the forehead fuses prematurely. The condition requires surgery or it can lead to permanent brain damage to children. 

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